Surfing seems challenging, but with some good instructions it is not as difficult as it seems. The rush of standing for the first time on your own surf board in the ocean is amazing.
Hart beach is the best known surf school in Scheveningen. In summer you can find the school right on the beach by the harbor. With these experienced surf instructors you can learn the basic techniques in no time.
Besides surfing the Hart beach school also offers other fun activities for on the beach. Try for example surf fishing! You catch your own fish while sitting on a surf board in the ocean. Not such a fan of the ocean? Try power surfing on the beach. That is kiting with a kite on the beach. If you are looking for peace and would like to relax try beach yoga.




  • Mon - Fri   10:00-21:30 
    Sat & Sun   10:00-18:00 


  • Prices classes (2 hours)
    Introduction   EUR 35.00
    3 day course   EUR 90.00
    5 day course   EUR150.00

    * These prices are 
    including wetsuit 
    and board.

    Prices rental per hour
    Surfboard      EUR 7.50             
    Wetsuit        EUR 5.00             
    Gloves         EUR 2.50