Boulevard beach

The boulevard beach in Scheveningen is best known by tourists and Dutch people. Famous tourist attractions are the Kurhaus hotel, the Pier and the boulevard can be found here.  The many restaurants and beach clubs make this beach very alive and well visited.
Accessibility beach?
The best way to reach this part of the beach is by public transport. Almost all the trams and busses stop within 5 minutes walking distance. There are also 3 large parking garages close by. Be aware that during the weekends or in the summer most roads can get very packed.
Who visits this beach?
Amongst tourists and locals this part is popular. Easily accessible, with has many attractions results in high number of visitors. The beach can get crowded but is most alive in summer months. In winter, when the beach clubs are gone again, the peace returns. The boulevard is open for business the entire year with its many restaurants and bars.  
What else is there to do?
Looking for entertainment? Look no further! Visit the famous Kurhaus hotel or take a look at the fish aquarium in Sealife. Stroll along the Pier and enjoy the great views. Along the boulevard you have plenty of choice of restaurants, shops and bars.