Northern beach

In summer the northern beach (also called the Zwarte pad) is the hippest and trendiest part of the Scheveningen beach. During the day you can relax on one of the lounge sofas and enjoy a nice cool drink. If you would like to go to a beach party this is the place to be. Many parties are organized by the beach clubs where you can dance the night away.
Accessibility beach?
The Zwarte Pad is easily reachable by public transportation. Trams from central station The Haguestop at 5 minutes walking distance of the beach. If you are coming from the boulevard it will take approximately 10 minutes walk to get to this part of the beach. The Zwarte Pad has a large parking lot if you are by car. During the winter months you can even park your car here for free.
What else is there to do?
On a hot summer day the Zwarte Pad is the perfect place to relax and chill. The atmosphere is very casual and friendly. Besides the cool beach clubs there is also a war bunker, preserved from the Second World War, which is worth a visit.
Who visits this beach?
The relaxed atmosphere attracts a diverse crowed. During the winter months this is a popular part for a good beach walk, along the water or through the dunes. In summer the beach is transformed with beach clubs. Friday and Saturday nights you will find the party people here. The biggest crowds of tourist are usually not found on the Zwarte Pad.