Free Parking

The best thing there is: free parking! Unfortunately this is not possible everywhere.  There are however other places in Scheveningen where you can park for free (if you are willing to walk a view minutes). A visit to the Holland Casino or the Pathe cinema can also get you a cheaper parking ticket.
Below you can find the free parking places in Scheveningen:
·         At the parking lot of the Zwarte Pad you can park your car for free from the 1st of November until the 1st of March.  
·         Nieuwe Parklaan, behind the Keizerstraat, and the Cremerweg
·         At the harbour of Scheveningen
There are also a couple of ways to get a discount on your parking ticket:
1.      Parking Pathe
When you have visited the Pathe cinema and in the possession of a movie ticket you can safe on parking costs. At the cashier of the Pathe a ticket can be bought for only €4.30.
*Be aware that this only counts if your car is parked at the Scheveningen bad garage. The ticket is only valid for a four hours park (or less).   
2.      Parking Holland Casino
After a fun night at the Holand casino you can also safe on your parking costs. At the cashier you can get a discount ticket of 7,50 Euro for a parking ticket for 24 hours.
 *Be aware that this only counts if you have parked at the Nieuwe Parklaan