Parking harbour

Do not want to park your car in the busy area of Scheveningen? Park your car in the harbour! Many parking places are here for free and it is also not as busy compared to the boulevard. Most tourists and day visitors do not know about this area and its (free) parking facilities. Check it out:  
Free parking
Parking in the harbour of Scheveningen is often still for free! Check out the following places:
·        Dr. Lelykade: +/- 250 free parking spots.
·        Treilerweg: +/- 100 free parking spots.
·        Vissershavenstraat: (nursing home) +/- 20 free parking spots.
·        Korbootstraat: +/- 20 free parking spots.
·        Windroos: +/-  50 free parking spots.
·        Tarbotstraat, Zalmstraat, Schol(vis)straat: +/- 20 free parking spots.
Paid parking Scheveningen harbour
 Are you not comfortable leaving your car unattended? You can then best park your car in the secured Apcoa parking garage next to the Gamma. The prices of this parking garage are a lot lower then in any other garage in Scheveningen.
Apcoa parking garage
Dr. Lelykade 220
Amount of parking places: 93
Opening times: Monday - Saturday 09:00- 00:00, Sunday 10:00-00:00. Pay attention after 00:00 you cannot drive out anymore
First two hours free of charge, afterwards EUR 2.00 per hour.