On the 2nd Saturday of June Vlaggetjesdag takes place (day of flags) Back in the time this day was to celebrate the departure of the fisherman which catch Dutch herring. Herring is typical Dutch food item and loved by many. Unfortunately, the fishery is not what it used to be and many have either resigned or relocated. The tradition of celebrating the arrival of the ships with its new herring fortunately remained.
During the day there are many activities for you to get to know how Scheveningen was back in the days. Thousands of visitors come every year to join this spectacle. No one leaves without of course tasting the new herring. Dutch people often eat this on a white bun with pickles and onions.Make sure to try one yourself!
Date: 08 june 2013




  • 08 June 2013
    10.00 – 19.00


  • Free entrance