Scheveningen taxis

Taxis vs. public transport
Taxis can be handy when travelling to and from the airport, late at night when the trams have stopped running or when you're running late. Depending on the traffic during peak times, however, public transport may get you there even quicker.

What can you expect of Scheveningen taxis?

  • The taxi meter will always be turned on and you will receive a receipt upon completion of the journey. Always store this receipt carefully as it contains all the information about the trip and the taxi.
  • Taxi drivers must always accept short trips.
  • Taxi drivers must deliver you safely to your destination via the shortest/quickest route.
  • Not satisfied? If you have a bad experience, complaints can be made to or call 0900-202 1881 (between 09:00 and 17:00). In order to make a complaint, you must be able to provide the number plate or the number of the taxi, the date and the time of the journey – these will be noted on your journey receipt.

Where to find taxis in Scheveningen?
There are enough taxis to be found in Scheveningen. The most central taxi stand at Palaceplein (view on Google Maps) near the Burger King and Holland Casino.

If you have the possibility we advice to take a taxi from one the companies mentioned below. These taxi drivers are connected to a company rather than individuals.