Lifeguard & currents

To keep visitors safe the life guards guard the beachof Scheveningenduring summer. The rescue team has access to the newest and modern equipment to safe people from drowning. Be aware of the currents, even when the surface is smooth.

The Hague voluntary life guards (HVRB)
In summer there are many life guards patrolling the beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin. In total there are 5 guard posts equipped with modern rescue technology. To find out more about the life guards of Scheveningen check out the official website of the HVRB.

Currents & tides
Due to the movement caused by low/high tide and the wind, dangerous currents can occur. Every year again there are people who do not expect the currents to be so strong and get killed.

When you go into the ocean please remember the following:

  • Do not swim too far off shore.
  • Airbeds/boats can are not allowed.
  • Do not swim near the water breakers and the pier.
  • Follow the advice given by life guards.

How to handle when you do get carried away by the current:

  • Try not to swim against the current, this will wear you out.
  • Let yourself be carried along with the current.
  • As soon as the current gets less strong swim around it.
  • Not able to do this? Try to signal with hand gestures towards the beach for help.