Rules at Scheveningen beach

There are a couple of regulations and rules that apply to visitors of the Scheveningen beach. You'll find the the most important ones below.

BBQ and open fire
It is not allowed to barbeque nor have an open fire at the beach of Scheveningen. During summer it is however tolerated by the police on the Southern part of the beach. As long as you do not cause any trouble and clean up after yourself.

Horses on the beach
Horses are prohibited on the beach during the winter months (from September 15th until the May 15th). In summer this is only allowed between 19.00 - 07.00.

Camping and sleeping on the beach
Neither of them is allowed on the beach. The beach gets cleaned every night by big tractors and it would be very dangerous if people are still lying on the beach.

Dogs on the beach
Outside of the summer season (October 1st until the May 15h) dogs are allowed to run around without a leash. During summer there are however other regulations as the beach gets more crowded. Dogs can freely walk around at the following spots:

  • Scheveningen Zwarte Pad: at the end of this beach you can let your dog run lose the entire day and evening.
  • Scheveningen Zuiderstrand (beach entrance #2).
  • From Kijkduinpark to Monster, between the Kwartel laan and the Duivelandstraat (beach entrance #9).