Scheveningen Noordzijde Haven (Harbour Beach)

Noordzijde Haven is close to the harbour of Scheveningen and popular amongst surfers and other water sports enthusiasts.

At this beach you will also find the most day trippers, especially because of the excellent parking facilities around the corner. No hurdles of tourists here. Mostly you can even play volleyball or football here, without getting in the way of other people.

The Hague Beach Stadium
This stadium is present at Noorzijde Haven from May - September. It's a unique sports venue on the beach of Scheveningen and the largest stadium for outdoor beach sports in the Netherlands. In the stadium, which is free for the public, various top sport events take place during these months, such as beach volleyball and beach soccer competitions. In short: a 'must' for sports enthusiasts, and certainly a great addition during a day at the beach!

How to get there
Noordzijde Haven is easy to reach by car, public transport and bike. If you're planning to get by car, once off the motorway, follow the signs for Scheveningen Haven. Parking is possible in the harbour ('Scheveningen Haven') or at parking Noorderlijk Havenhoofd, where you can park for free from 1 November until 1 March.